about MACROgate

MACROgate Hungary Ltd was founded in 2006 and is a fully registered telephone service provider, offering IP-based technology to both enterprise and residential customers.

Using our service our customers can experince the latest innovative features, cost-effectiveness, and high reliability.

Our core customer base are the medium size businesses that use wired as well as mobile telephones extensively and are open to the latest available technologies to exploit new possibilities to reach their customers and boost their market presence.



  • Residential and nomadical DIDs with low rate monthly fees and minute prices
  • Messages(fax-to-mail), online client portal, toll free / premium rate numbers, VPBX, number porting, conference, call recording, mobile apps (exclusively promoted provider by Nokia Hungary)
  • Planning and implementing end-user voip systems through our distributors/resellers


MACROgate has a wide range of customers from different fields (including government sector), and works regularly with Siemens, Cisco (Linksys), Nokia, Patton, AVM on the Hungarian market.